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Meet The Team — Áme Aesthetic Institute

Meet The Team
Áme Aesthetic Institute | Sumner, WA

Meet the Team of Áme

Meet Our Founders


Master Esthetician & Co-founder

Our esteemed Master Esthetician boasts over 15 years of invaluable experience in the medical esthetics field. Her impressive background includes serving as a clinical laser trainer, where she had the honor of educating her peers in the industry about the intricacies of lasers and other cutting-edge devices. Courtney's passion lies in laser treatments, where she finds immense joy in enlightening her patients about the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments and skincare, enabling them to attain a natural and radiant "filter" of their own.

Courtney  — Áme Aesthetic Institute


NP-C, Aesthetic Injector & Co-founder

Jessica has been working in the aesthetic field since 2005. She was the “odd one” in her nursing class who went to school for nursing because she wanted to do lasers and injectable treatments. During her nursing career, she has also worked in cardiac nursing, trauma ICU, and all things periop (preop, interop, and post-op). She first trained with a renowned dermatologist in Beverly Hills before moving up to Washinghton state. Jessica loves helping people feel better about the skin they are in by fine-tuning problem areas or helping with positive aging through preventative skincare treatments. Jessica trains other providers through independent contracting and is a former Allergan trainer that currently trains independently on wrinkle relaxers and fillers.

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Jessica — Áme Aesthetic Institute

Dr. Danielle Henderson

Aesthetic Injector, DO MBA FACOOG

Dr. Danielle Henderson is a double-board-certified OBGYN with a rich medical background. Her journey into aesthetics began in 2016 under the guidance of Áme's expert injector, Jessica Armitage, ARNP, focusing on Botox and fillers. Over the years, Dr. Henderson expanded her skill set to include Sculptra, PRF injections, and MINT PDO thread certification. As part of our remarkable team, Danielle's mission is to treat patients with genuine kindness and respect while helping them realize their best selves through safe and effective procedures.

Beyond her medical prowess, Danielle is a devoted mother, wife, and enthusiast of margaritas, reading, and online shopping. She's a Capricorn who adores Rothy shoes and Burberry purses. While her daytime focus is on women's health, she's equally skilled with injectables, and her expertise with needles is undeniable. If you're seeking exceptional injectable treatments, Danielle is your go-to expert.


Patient Coordinator and Aesthetic Injector, LPN, LE

Camille, an LPN since 2008, embarked on her nursing career in rehabilitation. Yet, her profound passion for all things aesthetics eventually guided her to Áme. With licenses in cosmetology and esthetics since 2002, joining Áme marked a profound full-circle moment, allowing her to realize her aspirations in the aesthetic industry and skincare. As an aesthetic injector at Áme, Camille's journey has been nothing short of a dream come true. She has had the privilege of learning from industry leaders, treating wonderful patients, and collaborating with exceptional colleagues.

The gratitude she holds for this chapter in her life knows no bounds. Camille's commitment to growth shines through her current enrollment in a BSN program, further expanding her nursing knowledge to enhance her expertise as an aesthetic injector. Beyond her professional dedication, Camille thrives in the company of her three beloved pups, Daphne, Littles, and Wolfie. She finds solace in hiking, exploring new destinations, and cherishing moments with her cherished circle of family and friends. Camille's passion for people is the driving force behind her work, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to make both new and returning patients feel their absolute best every time they step through our doors.


Aesthetic Injector, NP-C

Amanda has been in the medical field for 12 years. Her career started as an RN in the emergency department and then became a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2018, primarily working in urgent care. Amanda’s love for aesthetics began after seeing the impacts on patients’ mental health and general confidence. Taking care of others is Amanda’s passion. She is eager to care for them by helping them feel more confident in their own skin and have a fresh outlook.

She is “excited to work at Áme with not only smart women, but kind individuals that truly care about the community they serve.” She feels that being an apprentice and learning from an industry-leaders is the cherry on top. When she isn’t working, Amanda enjoys sailing, snowboarding, hiking, gardening, any activity on the water, and keeping up with her two young girls and husband.


Director of Operations and Patient Experience

Corinna's remarkable journey in the beauty and spa industry commenced in the late '90s at a luxurious, full-service salon, where she initially served as the salon coordinator. Her career then took a transformative turn in 2004, leading her to the world of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics. She embarked as front desk staff, transitioning seamlessly into roles such as patient coordinator and surgery scheduler, eventually reaching the esteemed position of office manager.

Corinna's adoration for the aesthetic field stems from the fact that individuals actively choose to be part of it, driven by their passion. Building genuine relationships with patients and having the privilege of seeing them return time and again is a source of immense joy. What sets Áme apart, according to Corinna, is the incredibly cohesive and dynamic team of women who not only work harmoniously but genuinely care for one another, alongside the privilege of having the absolute best patients. Outside of her professional life, Corinna relishes every moment spent with her adult children, showers affection on her adorable puppies, finds solace in tending to her garden, and indulges in the culinary delights prepared by her husband.


Patient Coordinator

Bella leads a dynamic life as a full-time lash artist when she's not gracing Áme with her presence. Her journey with cosmetology began in 2020, setting the stage for her multifaceted career. Initially drawn to Áme with an eagerness to explore the realm of medical aesthetics, Bella quickly found herself falling in love with the vibrant atmosphere and her pivotal role at the front desk.

The joy she derives from witnessing patients enter with enthusiasm for their treatments and leave with newfound beauty and confidence is a profound source of motivation. For her leisure pursuits, Bella adores the companionship of her faithful dog, Benny, finds solace in globetrotting adventures, takes to the trails for invigorating hikes, and immerses herself in the challenge and camaraderie of CrossFit.


Patient Coordinator and Medical Assistant

Dayna's journey began in Eastern Oregon, where she cultivated her sense of discipline during a commendable six-year stint in the Navy following high school. Her journey led her to become a medical assistant in 2021. Dayna's love for her role at Áme shines through in her dedication to witnessing people regain their confidence and discover their inner and outer beauty.

Being part of a close-knit group of women who radiate kindness, uplift one another, and offer unwavering support is a source of immense joy and motivation for her.When not working, Dayna immerses herself in the simple pleasures of life. She enjoys the company of a good book, rides on her motorcycle alongside her husband, exploring the serene mountains, and leisurely strolls around the lake.

Dayna — Áme Aesthetic Institute


Patient Coordinator

Jeanette has been a proud resident of Washington State for the past 23 years, and every now and then, you might spot her donning a WSU sweatshirt – Go Cougs! Her journey into the world of aesthetics began early in her career. She gained experience with renowned makeup brands and even delved into personal fashion styling. After dedicating herself to raising her children, Jeanette found a clear and fulfilling path back into an industry that revolves around helping individuals look and feel their absolute best—a mission she wholeheartedly embraces.

Known for her unwavering compassion and care, Jeanette's family and friends hold her in high regard. This same energy and dedication are seamlessly woven into her role as an invaluable member of the Áme Aesthetics team. Beyond her professional life, Jeanette shares her life with her husband, Greg, and is the proud mother of three adult children and an adorable grandson named Roman. Her love for travel and quality time with her family shines brightly, and she's the essential ingredient for any memorable friends’ trip.